In probability theory and statistics, standard deviation is often used to measure the variability or dispersion of a population…sort of  “the arithmetic mean of the mean.”   To solve for population standard deviations:


Algebraic variables deliberately ignored and aside, I embrace diversity (even kind aberrations)…and conversely tend to mildly loathe homogeneity. So, in an arena where sadly sameness is too often the rapt intent—where homage is paid to the perfect societal mean—finding a venue where variation rules is comfort food. Our downtown city market is that place for me (locally at least).

A feast of old, young, tall, short, skinny, rotund, bubble butted, flat tushed, long haired, close cropped, brown cow eyed, azure blued, perfumed, pregnant globed, stroller pushing, inked, pierced, bearded, shaven, rural, urban, exotic, banal, yellow, brown, mahogany, white, thai, latin, african american, phillipine, shorts, jeans, short skirts, flowing sundresses…all hues, shapes and sizes converging to eye, buy and sell fresh produce, hoofed and feathered meats, free range eggs, organic honey, trinkets, etc.  And all the while, of course, there is even gandering, leering and ogling at one another.  The market is just an engrossing cultural and linguistic tapestry, teeming with an array of sights, scents, flavors, sensations and sounds.

Thanks, all…home hewn Father’s Day pizzas will be strewn with your bounty save for some confit de canard recently imported from a market far away but soul-close.